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If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced on the guitar, Phil can teach you from any level to improve your guitar playing.

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Learn to play in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment. Learn basic chords, picking and strumming patterns, popular songs & techniques to get you sounding good.

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Class Length: Weekly per school term
Lesson Length: 30 mins
Age Limit: Kids 6-12 and Adults 19+

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Private tuition is available for beginners, intermediate or advanced students. All ages and abilities welcome. Start this week, next week or as discussed. There are limited time slots available for private guitar tuition.

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Lesson Length: 30 mins
Age Limit: All ages


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Top 5 Benefits of Learning the Guitar

Among all musical instruments, the guitar stands out as being the most popular. Many people find guitar playing very ‘cool’ and is deemed as an image enhancing pursuit, this perhaps has a lot to do with the ‘rockstar’ image the instrument conveys. 

But that apart, it goes without saying that a lot of school kids, college students and even young professionals love to learn the guitar. This is obvious from the fact that guitar classes are burgeoning and there are so many online courses also which seem to be bursting at the very seams. 

While a lot of the joy of guitar playing seems to come from just being able to create tunes on the guitar, there are other benefits as well from this passion. Here are 5 of these benefits:

  • Self Esteem: Playing the guitar great enhances the self esteem and confidence of any person. If you know how to play the guitar, and are able to perform, at whatever level, you get a lot of personal satisfaction. This also greatly boosts your self confidence as you feel more assured of your capabilities
  • Social Skills: When you are young, it seems as if playing the guitar can serve the purpose of enhancing your social desirability. A guitar is always a great talking point whether it is in the college canteen or a train that you decide to start playing.
  • Mental Ability and Agility: There have been many types of research that indicates that playing the guitar is good for your mental ability and agility too. For instance, when learning to play the guitar, you have to assign a lot of things to your memory which jogs the grey matter of your brain to a very large extent. When children learn how to play the guitar, they have to memorize chords and charts, aspects of songs and even music theory as well as other aspects that help in keeping the brain quite agile. This also helps in multi-tasking as you have to use both your right brain as well as the lefty brain in order to ensure that you are able to do a good task while playing the guitar.
  • Musical Inclinations: Playing the guitar is quite beneficial for those who want to hone their musical appreciation and skills also. Learning musical notations as well as chords also helps one to develop oneself musically and perhaps take up music as a professional artist or a music composer and director too.
  • The Fun Element: Playing the guitar spices up your life and makes it much easier for you to spend time with yourself, friends and family too. It can also help to brighten up the mood when you are feeling low or blue.

There are indeed so many benefits to learning how to play the guitar that you can start learning right away!