Adult Group Guitar Lessons

    Lessons for Term 3, 2024

    Group Guitar Lessons - spaces available, book in now

    Age Limit: 19+ year olds
    Group Size: 2-3 students max

    Lesson Times: Guitar Lessons for Term 3, 2024
    Start Dates: Week of Monday 22nd July
    End Date: Week of Friday 27th September
    Class Length: 10 weeks
    Lesson Length: 30 mins

    Lesson Pricing:
    Per School Term: $200 for 10 lessons ($20 per lesson)

    Payment Terms:
    Invoiced after booking, payment via bank or credit card
    *Missed group lessons by students cannot be re-scheduled

    Lesson Location:
    Guitar Lessons Room (upstairs) – 83C Hardy Street, Nelson

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    Total Beginner/Beginner Classes

    Tuesdays 5:30-6:00pm

    Intermediate Classes

    Wednesdays 5:30-6:00pm

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    Group Guitar Lessons

    Group Guitar Lessons

    Struggling to learn guitar yourself and want an easy and fun way with Adult Group Guitar Lessons?

    If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced on the guitar, Phil can teach you from any level to improve your guitar playing skills.

    Learn to play in a relaxed, fun & friendly environment with an experienced tutor.

    There are limited spaces available with a maximum of 4 per group with classes filling fast.

    Book now to secure your position!

    Total Beginner Classes

    For very beginners who know very little or nothing.

    Learn basic chords, strumming & picking patterns, popular riffs & songs. Learn the basics to get you started & making some music.

    Beginner Classes

    For beginners or if you can play a little already.

    Learn more chords, strumming & picking patterns, popular riffs & songs. Learn more to improve your playing and sound better.

    Intermediate / Advanced Classes

    Recommended if you can play & change between chords & barre chords easily.

    Learn more advanced chords, scales, music theory, lead techniques & popular songs to advance your playing & get you sounding great.

    Some Great Tips For Learning The Guitar

    The World is filled with people who want to learn the guitar. In this day and age, the guitar has become a symbol of “coolness” and “class”. As such, there are hordes of people online looking for quick and easy courses and tips to better their playing skill. 

    Here are some tips just for all you budding guitarists out there.

    • Learn the Parts of the Guitar: It is important to first of all familiarize yourself with the parts of the guitar and their functions. The Guitar is made up of 7 main parts. They are the head, tuning pegs, fret board, position marker, sound hole, body and bridge. 

    The head is the top part of a guitar that provides anchorage for the tuning pegs. It also supports the strings as they are attached to the tuners. The tuning pegs are used for tuning the strings when they become out of tune. The fret board is the part that bridges the body and the head of the guitar. It also contains the position marker which helps the guitarist in locating chords.

    The sound hole is positioned at the centre of the instrument. The strings pass over the hole which amplifies the sound. The body is the whole casing of the guitar.

    • Understanding the Fret Board: The fret board is the most important part of the guitar. It contains all the keys from A to G. Without the frets, a guitar cannot be played. 

    Open chords: Some of the chords are open, meaning one has to open the chord while playing to produce the required tune. Some of these chords include E on the first string, A of the second string, D of the third string of the fourth string C of the fifth String and F of the sixth string.

    Barred chords: Also known as closed chords, one has to press the chords before strumming to produce the desired tune.

    • Music Intervals: A good guitarist should learn the music interval of each song he/she is trying to master. Listening to a wide variety of songs can help you hone this ability to identify intervals. These dictate the strumming speed. Slow paced songs have wide music intervals. Alternatively, songs with a faster pace have narrower intervals.
    • Changing of Strings: This is easier to do then it sounds. String changing is part of instrument maintenance and something you’ll have to do eventually. The first step is to use the tuning pegs to sag the string which makes for easy removal. Proceed to remove the strings and replace with new ones. Lastly, tighten the tuning pegs and you’re done.

    How to Tune: The tuning pegs are used for tuning the guitar. By rotating the tuning peg, you tune the string that has been attached to that specific tuner.