About Your Tutor:

Phil started learning the guitar when he was 13. He had a keen interest in music during his high school years, performing in bands and writing songs. He then attended NSOM’s Contemporary Music Performance Course for 2 years. Since then he has been performing on a regular basis as a solo artist in bars, at private functions and weddings around Nelson.

Guitar Tutor Nelson

Skills and expertise

Phil has been playing the guitar for over 30 years. He started teaching guitar in 2000 and has been the guitar tutor at Broadgreen Intermediate and Nayland College 2015-2019, and tutoring at the Nelson School of Music 2018-2019.

Contemporary guitar, popular music, rock, classical

Contemporary Music Performance NSOM (1996 & 1998)
Grade 6 Music Theory

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“Phil has proven to be reliable and honest in his dealings with both adults and children. The progress the children have made is very evident in their improved skill level as well as their commitment to the work. They are obviously well motivated, often practicing in their own time.” Sharon Marsh, School Principal.