3/4 Size Beginner Classical Guitar Pack


This is an ideal guitar for beginners. Its nylon strings are easy on beginner hands and its 3/4 size will suit children between 8 to 13 years old.

With a great sound to inspire you and a design specific to beginners, you’ll breeze through the first stages of your playing.

  • 1 x 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack, Nylon String – Red
  • 1 x A Frame Universal Guitar Stand
  • 1 x Guitar String Winder – Black
  • 1 x Classical Guitar Quick Change Guitar Capo
  • 5 x Classical Guitar Strings (Nylon)


Here are the reasons why this guitar is great:

We use sustainable timbers on all of our beginners to intermediate guitars. The neck and bridge of the CL34 are constructed from a composite rosewood timber substitute known as eco-rosewood.

The guitar has been set-up at the factory for optimum beginner playing level. We call this Practical string action. String action is the height of the string to the fretboard. This is very important because a guitar with a high action is hard to play, while a guitar with too low an action will buzz unnecessarily and sound bad. Artist Guitars are set up at the factory for the optimum level for a beginner.

A Truss Rod that allows you to correct for the effects of weather on the guitar help keep the neck straight and the action height the neck can be adjusted. You will struggle to find a guitar at this low price with a truss rod.

Comes included with a Bag to protect your guitar, Strap and Built-In Tuner – A tuner for a beginner is vital. A guitar needs to be tuned every time you play. This tuner is extremely simple to use and because it’s built into the guitar, you’ll never lose it.

We include a range of Support Materials including how to tune, how to read tab, basic chord shapes and much more.